Our well-established process is based on a highly organized, methodical approach and constant communication. From start to finish, it is our responsibility to keep you informed, your project running smoothly, and to maintain a clean, safe, and courteous work environment in your home.

our process


Weatherby Renovations is an experienced company who understands that feeling comfortable during each step of your project is just as important as the end result. We start by asking you for your renovation wish list and help you understand how we can transform your dream into a reality.


In order to develop your project, we follow a number of steps so that we can present you with a design that meets, or exceeds, your expectations. We will work together with you, listening to your likes and your dislikes, and suggest different options in order for you to make an informed choice.


Now that we're ready to begin, we can start to set the wheels in motion. We'd also like to go over the reality of a renovation and have you meet some of the people involved in your project.


Watching your renovation unfold is an exciting experience. We will ensure, that through a high level of communication and our organized approach, you will experience the minimal amount of disruption. Your house becomes our house and we will take the utmost care to maintain a safe and clean environment throughout the renovation.


Once the work on your renovation is complete, we do not just pack up and leave. Instead, we follow up with a number of steps to finalize the project, which includes getting feedback from you.

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