Construction Begins

Any disruption to your home and daily routine can be stressful. We believe that by keeping you informed, and maintaining a clean and safe work environment, that we can relieve the stress of a renovation, turning your home's transformation into an interesting, exciting, and worry-free process. You can also be assured that next to getting your job done, keeping the site clean is one of our highest priorities.


The assigned lead hand will be at your job site managing and overseeing the progress of your renovation. Everyone in the Weatherby family of trades people are skilled and insured professionals.

Cleanliness and Protection

We take great pride in keeping our job site - your home - clean and efficient by keeping it free of debris. Construction materials are always properly stored and we will provide all of the necessary protection for you and your home. We will cover floor vents and cold air returns, lay down self-sealing temporary floor protection, enclose the workspace by creating temporary plastic walls, etc. You have our promise that we will keep your home safe and clean.

Site Safety

We are diligent in keeping the work site safe for both our staff and you. All of our staff are well-trained professionals and we commit to you that we will follow all standard codes of conduct for safety. Work areas will be secured and we will review any necessary safety precautions with you in advance.


Our day starts at 8 a.m. and we work to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday, excluding holidays.


We work hard to keep you informed. In addition to the lead hand, who will be your daily source of communication, we will also establish a method of communication during the pre-construction period that suits you best (e.g. notes on a clipboard, as well as weekly reviews with the project manager via phone, or email). If you'd like, we can also have formal meetings at different phases of your renovation. Regular site visits by the project manager will ensure that your renovation is progressing according to plan and schedule.


There will always be changes and additions during the course of a renovation. It's common to notice something that you hadn't thought of once your job has started, and we understand the importance of being flexible. We want you to feel comfortable - go ahead and ask. Our goal is to make sure your renovation works for you.

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