Building a detached garage will enhance the layout of the property and add additional storage for a home that needs to expand. Site planning and layout are crucial. We have the experience to steer you away from costly mistakes and future regrets. You will not find a better fit than Weatherby Renovations to make your dream garage a reality.

Top Reasons Our Customers Want a Detached Garage

  1. The need for more space. Sometimes we are incorporating the original garage space into an extra bedroom or an enlarged kitchen.
  2. The position of the home or lot does not allow the space for an attached garage.
  3. The architectural style of the home isn’t conducive to an attached garage.
  4. A detached garage separates the home from potentially hazardous accidents or fires if flammable or harmful chemicals are kept in the garage.
  5. The cost can be less than adding on to an existing structure, depending on the style of the garage.
  6. A garage used as a workshop needs to be detached from a house because noise or health concerns.

Take the next step now and let us come make a site visit to determine what garage style and location will work best for your needs. Schedule Appointment