First Contact

Over The Phone We Will:

  • Go over the details of your project in order to establish a realistic budget
  • Explain our Project Development Process
  • Answer any questions you may have about our company, or your renovation

At this point, if both parties are comfortable and feel that there is a "good fit", we will set up an appointment for a Weatherby Renovations expert to visit your home. To ensure a smooth process, both spouses must be present at this time.

At Our First Meeting We Will:

  • Assess the job first hand
  • Show you similar projects that we have completed
  • Show samples of plans and specifications of similar plans
  • Make any necessary adjustments to the budget
  • Discuss a realistic deadline

Once all of these details are covered, and both parties wish to proceed, we provide a quote based on a written Preliminary Scope of Work. In most cases there is NO charge for this service. A nominal fee/deposit would be required only for Additions, House Transformations, & Kitchens for Conceptual drawings.

Weatherby Renovations offers design services to meet the needs of all its clients. We use design plans created by you, or an outside architect selected by you, or we create a design plan for you that reflects your own personal taste. We offer insightful suggestions for products as we incorporate your ideas. This helps create your design, not ours, which allows you to maintain ownership in your project.

We can assemble samples and design a space using CAD drawings. We will make revisions until it represents exactly what you want.

Depending on the complexity of your project, we partner with top architects and designers who stay involved from start to finish so your project runs smoothly and your original vision is realized. The project is completely coordinated and communication is easy between you and our staff.

The pricing for design varies and is determined by the size of the renovation & extent of design & the amount of working drawings produced. For example, a one time cost would apply for a smaller interior renovation, and for a larger job, such as an addition, the fee would be divided into two installments. These fees will be applied as a deposit if you choose to proceed with the construction.

Click here to view a PDF sample of our Project Development Agreement.